Turing posters

Alan Turing’s life in posters


The papers of Alan Turing have been assembled in the Archive Centre at King’s College, Cambridge from a number of sources since 1960 when his mother, Sara Turing, made the first presentation. King’s College is also grateful to the Turing family, the Turing Trust, Prof. I. J. Good, Dr. A. Hodges, N. E. Hoskin, Prof. C. B. Jones, Dr. N. Routledge, Prof. M. V. Wilkes, and Prof. M. Yates for their generosity in providing documents and advice.

The facsimiles shown here are made from the original documents held by the Archive Centre. The Centre is open to the public by appointment. 

Digital images of most of the documents in the Turing collection can be viewed at http://www.turingarchive.org. It is not allowed to reproduce these posters without permission from King’s College. If you want to display the posters at a conference, please contact Astrid Engelen.

The notes on these posters have been prepared with the help of Andrew Hodges’s book Alan Turing: The Enigma [Burnett Books Ltd., 1983].

These posters of pictures from the archives of King’s College, Cambridge were composed by the Archive Centre of King’s College. The final design and printing was made possible by the financial support of IOS Press, Amsterdam.

Coordination of the reproduction: Astrid Engelen, Benedikt Löwe, Fenner Tanswell
Design: Donna Geczi

Source: https://www.dpmms.cam.ac.uk/~dbl25/turingposters.html