Special Issue Fundamenta Informaticae

Fundamenta Informaticae joins the Alan Turing Centenary with a Special Issue: Watching the Daisies Grow: from biology to biomathematics and bioinformatics

In 1951 Alan Turing wrote a paper entitled The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis in which he developed the reaction‐diffusion theory, which became one of the basic models of theoretical biology and is also considered a foundation of chaos theory.

The story started much earlier, in spring 1923, as documented by his mother in a caricature called Hockey or Watching the Daisies Grow. Crucial motif in the drawing is that, while most players are engaged by the game, Turing is investigating a flower emerging just off the field.

In his Outline of the Development of a Daisy,  Turing writes: “At a certain point in the development of the daisy the anatomical changes begin. From this point, as has been mentioned, it becomes hopelessly impracticable to follow the process mathematically….”

To celebrate the centenary of Turing’s birth, Fundamenta Informaticae has published a Special Issue to highlight recent work in mathematical biology and bioinformatics.