Towards FAIR Principles for Research Software

June 24, 2020 - The most viewed article in Data Science in the first half of 2020 focuses on FAIR principles in relation to research software. The position paper analyzes where the existing principles can directly be applied to software, where they need to be adapted or reinterpreted, and where the definition of additional principles is required. Here, we provide extracts from the article intoducing the four foundational FAIR principles in the context of research data. First, a little bit of background.

Designing a Scalable Infrastructure for Journal Websites

May 1, 2020 - Publishing scholarly content is the crux of all the IOS Press journals and enabling discoverability of that content is a high priority. Launching a dedicated website is an excellent tool for enhancing visibility while providing a platform for additional features to offer the journal’s audience. Read on to find out about the journey IOS Press has taken to maximize the digital experience of its new journal websites.