Where can I find individual online only subscription prices of a journal?

Please find all subscription models in our Facts Sheet. Click here to download the pdf. 

Where can I find a complete catalogue of books and journals?

You can browse our site and specify your interest in several ways, for instance by subject category, by journals and books here.

How do I receive news updates from IOS Press?

You can sign up or register your interest via this page: iospress.com/newsletters

I have a claim. What should I do?

Check our Claims Policy to see if the requirements for submitting a claim are met. If so, send a message to order@iospress.nl mentioning your order number or our reference number, postal address and which volume and issue number you’re missing.

Where can I send my change of address?

Send a message to order@iospress.nl stating your old and new address and which subscription you have with us.

I'd like to cancel my subscription. What do I do?

Send a message to order@iospress.nl telling us which subscription you have with us, your order number and from what year on you’d like to cancel the subscription.

I can't access the journal I'm subscribed to. Can you help?

Yes. You can send an email to customerservice@iospress.nl with your details (name, institution, email address associated with the account, which subscription/package) so we can re-establish your access as soon as possible.

How can I order reprints or a pdf of a journal article?

Corresponding authors of a journal article receive an author order form along with the proofs of the article. 
Corresponding authors can contact editorial@iospress.nl for further information.

Send an email to publisher@iospress.nl for other reprint or pdf requests.

What is a pre-press article and how can I cite it?

In the IOS Press Pre-Press module articles are published online ahead of print so the latest research can be accessed much quicker. The pre-press articles are the uncorrected proof versions of the article and are published online shortly after the proof is created. Pre-press articles are fully citable by using the DOI number. As soon as the article is published in an issue, the pre-press version will be replaced by the updated final version that includes all author corrections and final bibliographic information. When you have purchased a pre-press article, you will have automatically access to the final, updated version of the article as well.

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