Book Reviewers

IOS Press provides free review copies to members of the press, provided that a review, news article or interview with the editor will be published in exchange. Conditions for the review are the mentioning of the title, the editors/authors, the ISBN and the publisher (IOS Press). A copy of the review after publication (either print or online) must be submitted to IOS Press.

To request the book for review, please send an email to and write ‘review copy of (+the title of the book)’ in the subject area. In your email, specify the following:

  • The company, journal, magazine, newspaper or website you represent
  • Title, ISBN and editor(s) of the book you are interested in reviewing
  • The name of the person who will write the review (if different to the person submitting the request)
  • An estimation as to when you expect your review to be published.

IOS Press will consider all reasonable requests received and will issue content as appropriate. If your request is denied, IOS Press is not at liberty to state the reason for this.