Open Library® – IOS Press’ Open Access option

The IOS Press initiative Open Library® offers authors and their funders the option to publish their articles with full Open Access in the IOS Press journals. This arrangement is subject only to the requirement of proper attribution when the articles are re-used and redistributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Other than being available with full Open Access, Open Library® articles are not treated any differently than other articles published in IOS Press journals, in that they are peer-reviewed and form an integral part of the journal in which they are published. Open Library® options are also available for books. Contact us at for more information.

In the Open Library® the article processing charges are paid in the form of an Open Access Fee.

Open Access refund policy: If, before publication, IOS Press has reasonable grounds to decide that the article should not be published, IOS Press will refund the Open Access Fee. If the article has been published already and IOS Press has reasonable grounds to retract or remove the article from our website, we will be under no obligation to refund the Open Access Fee.

Open Library® articles are funded by authors (usually from their grants, increasingly with active support from the funding agencies) and not by subscription charges. Subscription prices of IOS Press journals will be based solely on their non-Open Library® content.

All IOS Press journals offer the Open Access option which is compliant with major funder mandates.

“Open Access is now part of the landscape of science publishing and, in the spirit of serving the academic world, IOS Press wishes to optimize its role in the worldwide scientific knowledge exchange,” according to Dr. Einar Fredriksson, CEO of IOS Press.

IOS Press started the Open Access journal In Silico Biology in 1998 and has since established or acquired other fully Open Access journals.