IOS Press is happy to cooperate with Kudos, a service that helps researchers maximize the impact and visibility of their research. It allows authors to enrich their articles with lay metadata, add links to related materials and promote their articles through the Kudos system to a wider public. From their personal dashboard, authors can track how often their articles are viewed and shared through Kudos. The service will be available to authors of all IOS Press journal articles starting the first quarter of 2016.

How it works
IOS Press supplies Kudos with metadata of newly published articles. This is used to identify the article by DOI in CrossRef and to invite the authors by email to register for the Kudos service. After this, various steps prompt authors to enrich, explain and share additional information by use of the Kudos system. Kudos can also provide widgets that can be embedded into webpages to present researchers’ lay abstracts on their personal websites. Authors will receive no more than three emails: one invitation and a maximum of two reminders to register for the service and link the published article to their profile. Using and registering for Kudos remains entirely optional.

Some benefits for authors

  • Better readership, more impact for your article: a pilot study in 2013 has shown an average increase of 19% in readership for articles enriched and shared through Kudos.
  • An easy to use dashboard explaining several opportunities to enrich your article: post lay abstracts, links to further reading, a personal CV etc.
  • Support on how to use both traditional and social media to further promote your article.
  • A variety of metrics available on article level: from Altmetrics to views and shares within Kudos, click-troughs to the article’s pdf and citations tracked by Web of Science.

Test Your Research Impact Muscles
Take the quiz at https://kudosimpactgame.com/ .

Why partner with Kudos?
It is increasingly difficult for important research to get noticed. By offering the Kudos service, IOS Press would like to give authors the opportunity to let their research stand out, to bring their articles to the attention of the wider public, not only their direct peers, but also the media and broader audiences.

Are there any costs?
No, the use of Kudos is entirely free for researchers.

How does registering, enriching and sharing work?
Please have a look at the detailed user guide and FAQ on the Kudos website for more information.

Which IOS Press articles are available in Kudos?
Fully published (non-prepress) articles from journals. At the moment, the service is unavailable for book articles.

Are articles previously published with IOS Press available in Kudos as well?
IOS Press places its DOIs in CrossRef since June 2015. Articles published after this date are retrievable in Kudos and can be enriched and shared. However, only authors who have published an article after January 2016 will receive an invitation to register.

More information
For more information, go to www.growkudos.com, the Kudos blog or find Kudos on Twitter: @GrowKudos.