Pre-Order AIAD Vol.6

The newest edition in the book series “Advances in Alzheimer’s Disease” (AIAD) will be titled Alzheimer’s Disease: New Beginnings. It highlights the latest insights in Alzheimer’s disease research and, specifically, in areas in which major advances have been made and that are expected to impact future research approaches. You can read more about this title at the book’s page on our website here.

This new volume is a companion to the book published on the centennial of Alois Alzheimer’s discovery – Alzheimer’s Disease: A Century of Scientific and Clinical Research – and of the publication Alzheimer’s Disease: Advances for a New Century, which focused on the developments in the 5 years since the centennial. The newest book looks to the future, with an emphasis on the development of novel approaches to understanding and treating Alzheimer’s and related diseases.

Alzheimer’s Disease: New Beginnings will be published in mid-July 2018 as AIAD Volume 6. If you are interested to order the book, you can do so here.

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Book details:
Title: Alzheimer’s Disease: New Beginnings
Series: AIAD Volume 6
ISBN: 978-1-61499-875-4
Release: July 19, 2018
Editors: G Perry, J Avila, PI Moreira, AA Sorensen and M Tabaton 
Format: Hardcover, 680 pages
Language: English
List price = €190 / US$234 / £171