NRE Cochrane Corners

With an aim to improve evidence-based neurorehabilitation practice, an affiliation between NeuroRehabilitation (NRE) and Cochrane Rehabilitation was announced in 2018, with the introduction of a new section in the journal called Cochrane Corners. NRE Editors-in-Chief Jeffrey S. Kreutzer, PhD, and Nathan D. Zasler, MD, will select relevant neurorehabilitation Cochrane Reviews, and subsequently members of Cochrane Rehabilitation and/or rehabilitation professionals will develop the content for Cochrane Corners. All published content – exclusive to NRE – will include summaries of Cochrane Reviews and accompanying commentaries, which will undergo peer review and be openly available upon publication.

For further details, see the editorial announcing the news here; and read the press release here.

List of NRE-published Cochrane Corners

NRE COCHRANE CORNER #1: Does cognitive rehabilitation improve occupational outcomes including employment and activities of daily living, as well as quality of life and community integration in individuals with traumatic brain injury? – A Cochrane Review summary with commentary
Author: Aydan Oral, MD | NRE, 2018, Volume 43, Issue 4
Openly available at:

NRE COCHRANE CORNER #2: Which interventions are useful for managing muscle spasticity in individuals who sustained traumatic brain injury? – A Cochrane Review summary with commentary
Author: Sara Laxe, MD, PhD | NRE, 2019, Volume 44, Issue 1
Openly available at:

NRECOCHRANE CORNER #3: Can acupuncture help adults suffering from neuropathic pain? – A Cochrane review summary with commentary 
Author: Livia Puljak | NRE, 2019, Volume 44, Issue 2
Openly available at: