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Semantically Enabled Journal Portal (SEJP) launched at ISWC conference in Sydney

by Krzysztof Janowicz

October 31, 2013
The Semantic Web Jounal, published by IOS Press, has launched the first version of its Linked-Data Driven and Semantically Enabled Journal Platform SEJP. The portal publishes a wide variety of data that are obtained from the journal’s unique and open review process. Each submitted manuscript is available online together with the full history of its successive decision statuses, assigned editors, solicited and voluntary reviewers, their full text reviews, and in many cases also the authors' response letters. Combined with a highly customized journal management system, this provides the journal with semantically rich manuscript time lines and networked data about authors, reviewers, and editors.

These data are now published using a SPARQL endpoint, an extended ‘bibo ontology’, and a modular Linked Data portal that provides interactive scientometrics based on established and new analysis methods. The data is extracted on-the-fly form the Drupal-based journal management system, annotated using extended ontologies, interlinked, cached, and made available for everyone’s analysis. Consider the following example: assume you have to identify reviewers for a manuscript submitted to your journal, conference, or workshop. Using our data you can search for researchers that authored a paper on, say, semantic search, have not reviewed for you before, and at the same time have not collaborated with the authors of the paper at hand before. All this can now be done via the SWJ endpoint, provided that the data is available.

New features, more extensions to the used ontologies and more Linked Data will be added in the near future. The portal can be accessed here. For all other details, examples and access to the SPARQL endpoint, read the paper A Linked-Data-driven and Semantically-enabled Journal Portal for Scientometrics.

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