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NeuroRehabilitation Begins Publication of Evidence-Based Cochrane Systematic Reviews Summaries

September 24, 2018
Amsterdam, NL – IOS Press is pleased to announce a new affiliation between NeuroRehabilitation (NRE) and Cochrane Rehabilitation with the aim of improving evidence-based neurorehabilitation practice. Abstracts from specially selected Cochrane Systematic Reviews relevant to neurorehabilitation will be published in NRE in a new section called Cochrane Corners.

This new publishing mechanism will enable the communication of Cochrane evidence in a simple and easily understandable format, augmented with commentaries on the relevance of the key messages for rehabilitation of the summarized Cochrane Reviews, as well as implications of the evidence for clinical practice.

NRE’s Editors-in-Chief, Jeffrey S. Kreutzer, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Nathan D. Zasler, MD, Concussion Care Centre of Virginia Ltd, will select relevant neurorehabilitation Cochrane Reviews for Cochrane Corners to be published in the journal. “We believe that Cochrane Corners will be of great interest to the readers of NeuroRehabilitation,” comments Drs. Kreutzer and Zasler. “It will not only complement our current cutting edge content, but also facilitate further progress in evidence-based practice in neurological rehabilitation.”

Members of Cochrane Rehabilitation and/or rehabilitation professionals will develop the content for Cochrane Corners, to include summaries of Cochrane Reviews as selected by the NRE Editors-in-Chief and accompanying commentaries. All Cochrane Corner content will be exclusive to the journal and will undergo peer review prior to publication.

Prof. Aydan Oral, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University and chair of the Cochrane Rehabilitation Publications Committee, explains: “Cochrane Rehabilitation developed the Cochrane Corner initiative to disseminate Cochrane evidence to a broader audience in summary fashion and to facilitate implementation of evidence based practices in our neurorehabiliation work.”

A call for authors to write summaries and commentaries of Cochrane Systematic Reviews has received broad acceptance. Prof. Oral continues: “We encourage readers of NeuroRehabilitation to contribute to this effort to enhance the evidence-based knowledge and practice in our everchanging field of healthcare.”


The first “Cochrane Corners” section will appear in NeuroRehabilitation, Volume 43, Issue 3 (October 2018).

To view the “Call for Authors” issued by Cochrane Rehabilitation, go to:

About Cochrane Rehabilitation
Cochrane ( is a global independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers, and people interested in health with the mission to promote evidence-informed health decision-making. Rehabilitation represents a major area of healthcare besides prevention, cure and support. To address this need, a Rehabilitation Field was established within Cochrane. The mission of Cochrane Rehabilitation is to ensure that all rehabilitation professionals can practice an evidence-based approach, combining the best available evidence as gathered by high quality Cochrane systematic reviews, with their own clinical expertise and patients’ values (

About NeuroRehabilitation
NeuroRehabilitation ( is an international journal that emphasizes publication of scientifically based, practical information relevant to all aspects of neurologic rehabilitation. Founded in 1991, NeuroRehabilitation features peer-reviewed articles that are interdisciplinary in nature and cover the full life span and range of neurological disabilities including stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neuromuscular disease, and other neurological disorders. Information is intended for an interdisciplinary audience.  Issues of the journal are thematically organized. Themes have focused on specific clinical disorders, types of therapy, and age groups.

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