From Genes to Personalized HealthCare: Grid Solutions for the Life Sciences
Proceedings of HealthGrid 2007
Volume 126 Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Edited by: N. Jacq, Y. Legré, H. Muller, I. Blanquer, V. Breton, D. Hausser, V. Hernández, T. Solomonides and M. Hofman-Apitius
April 2007, 356 pp., hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-58603-738-3
Price: US$223 / €154
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The main focus of this publication is on technologies, solutions and requirements that interest the grid and the life-science communities to foster the integration of grids into health. The proceedings are especially interesting for grid middleware and grid application developers, biomedical and health informatics users, and security and policy makers with a common focus on the application in the health domain.

Topics in this publication are: State-of-the-art of the grid research and use at molecule, cell, organ, individual and population levels; and security and imaging. In security, data protection and pseudonymization are being discussed. In imaging, there’s Globus MEDICUS, which federates DICOM devices through a grid architecture and KnowARC on facilitating grid networks for the biomedical research community. Finally, there’s a report on the successful use of multimodal workflows in diabetic retinopathy research.

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