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Volume 1; 2 issues
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Status Report: First Issue to appear in 2012. Now accepting submissions.

Aims and Scope
Editorial Board
Submission of Manuscripts
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Vasco Brattka
Dept. of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
University of Cape Town
7701 Rondebosch
South Africa

Managing Editors
Paola Bonizzoni

S. Barry Cooper
United Kingdom

Benedikt Löwe
The Netherlands

Elvira Mayordomo

Editorial Board
Samson Abramsky, Oxford, United Kingdom Rodney G. Downey, Wellington, New Zealand
Manindra Agrawal, Kanpur, India Natasha Jonoska, Tampa, USA
Eric Allender, Piscataway, USA Ulrich Kohlenbach, Darmstadt, Germany
Jeremy Avigad, Pittsburgh, USA Russell Miller, New York, USA
Arnold Beckmann, Swansea, United Kingdom Andrei Morozov, Novosibirsk, Russia
Olivier Bournez, Palaiseau, France Prakash Panangaden, Montreal, Canada
Alessandra Carbone, Paris, France Frank Stephan, Singapore
Karine Chemla, Paris, France Vlatko Vedral, Oxford, UK
Bruno Codenotti, Pisa, Italy Rineke Verbrugge, Groningen, The Netherlands
Stephen A. Cook, Toronto, Canada Ning Zhong, Cincinnati, USA
Anuj Dawar, Cambridge, United Kingdom 

Submission of Manuscripts 
See instructions to authors.
Aims and Scope 
Computability is the journal of the association Computability in Europe. It is a peer reviewed international journal that is devoted to publishing original research of highest quality, which is centered around the topic of computability. The subject is understood from a multidisciplinary perspective, recapturing the spirit of Alan Turing (1912-1954) by linking theoretical and real-world concerns from computer science, mathematics, biology, physics, computational neuroscience, history and the philosophy of computing.
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The Journal of the Association CIE

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