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Aims and Scope
Editorial Board
Submission of Manuscripts
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Hamid Aghajan
Department of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

Juan Carlos Augusto
School of Computing and Mathematics
University of Ulster
United Kingdom

Advisory Board

Sensors, vision and networks
Takeo Kanade

Human-centered interfaces
Nicu Sebe
University of Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Wolfgang Wahlster

Artificial Intelligence for AmI-SmE
Vic Callaghan
University of Essex
United Kingdom

Emile Aarts
Technical University of Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Mobile and pervasive computing
Anind Dey

Robotics for AmI-SmE
Pieter Jonker
Delft University
The Netherlands

Multi-agents for AmI-SmE
Toru Ishida
Kyoto University

Diane Cook
Washington State University

Societal applications and implications
Boris De Ruyter
Philips Research
The Netherlands

Editorial Board
Michael Beigl, University of Karlsruhe, Germany Ramón López-Cózar Delgado, University of Granada, Spain
Marc Bohlen, State University of New York, USA Michael Lew, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Andreas Butz, University of Munich, Germany Jinahua Ma, Hosei University, Japan
Juan Manuel Corchado, University of Salamanca, Spain Panos Markopoulos, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Kostas Daniilidis, University of Pennsylvania, USA Wolfgang Minker, University of Ulm, Germany
George Demiris, University of Washington, USA Tatsuya Nakajima, Waseda University, Japan
Monica Divitini, Norwegian University of Science, Norway Johan Plomp, VTT Electronics, Finland
Matjaz Gams, JSI, Slovenia Corien Prins, Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society, The Netherlands
Daniel Gatica-Perez, Idiap, Switzerland Gilles Privat, Orange Labs, France
Sylvain Giroux, University of Sherbrooke, Canada Hartmut Raffler, Siemens AG, Germany
Hans Guesgen, Massey University, New Zealand Roope Raisamo, University of Tampere, Finland
Hani Hagras, German University of El Cairo, Egypt Carlos Ramos, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal
Aki Harma, Philips Research, The Netherlands Jun Rekimoto, Tokyo University / Sony CSL, Japan
Sumi Helal, University of Florida, USA M. Sasikumar, CDAC Mumbai, India
Pertti Huuskonen, Nokia - NRC Tampere, Finland Ichiro Satoh, NII, Japan
Alejandro Jaimes, Yahoo! Research, Spain Daniel Shapiro, Applied Reactivity, USA
Achilles Kameas, Computer Technology Institute, Greece WenZhan Song, Washington State University, USA
Henry Kautz, University of Washington, USA Norbert Streitz, Smart Future Initiative, Germany
Minkoo Kim, Ajou University, Korea Steven Wilmott, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
Richard Kleihorst, VITO NV, Belgium and Ghent University, Belgium Egon L. van den Broek, Book Reviews, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Submission of Manuscripts 
See instructions to authors.
Aims and Scope 
The new Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (JAISE) will serve as a forum to discuss the latest developments on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) and Smart Environments (SmE). Given the multi-disciplinary nature of the areas involved, the journal aims to promote participation from several different communities covering topics ranging from enabling technologies such as multi-modal sensing and vision processing, to algorithmic aspects in interpretive and reasoning domains, to application-oriented efforts in human-centered services, as well as contributions from the fields of robotics, networking, HCI, mobile, collaborative and pervasive computing. This diversity stems from the fact that smart environments can be defined with a variety of different characteristics based on the applications they serve, their interaction models with humans, the practical system design aspects, as well as the multi-faceted conceptual and algorithmic considerations that would enable them to operate seamlessly and unobtrusively. The Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments will focus on both the technical and application aspects of these.

The broad areas represented in the journal given the multi-disciplinary nature of the field and applications include:

  • Sensors, vision, and networks
  • Mobile and pervasive computing
  • Human-centered interfaces
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Multi-agents
  • Societal applications and implications

  • Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Scene and event modeling, representation, and reconstruction
  • Applications in health care: assisted living, fall detection, elderly care, patient monitoring
  • Applications in smart homes: home safety, energy efficiency, entertainment, ambience, multimedia
  • Applications in smart buildings, smart classrooms, smart cars, in safety, energy efficiency, services
  • Modeling environments (homes, hospitals, transportation, roads, offices, classrooms, museums, etc)
  • Virtual and immersive reality, augmented reality, multi-modal immersion
  • Occupancy-based services
  • Applications of combined pervasive / ubiquitous computing with AI
  • Automated system setup and environment discovery
  • Network middleware and protocols to facilitate SmE
  • Innovative sensing devices and innovative uses of existing sensors (e.g. RFID)
  • Use of mobile, wireless, visual, and multi-modal sensor networks in intelligent systems
  • Virtual smart environments, interfaces with real world, social networks as smart environments
  • Sensor data fusion and collaboration in multi-sensor systems and networks
  • Mobile/wearable intelligence
  • Self-adaptive AmI systems
  • Context awareness
  • Cognitive and emotional awareness
  • Handling preferences of the individual users and user groups
  • Mediating conflicting interests
  • Behavior modeling
  • Intention recognition
  • Agent-based approaches to AmI
  • Robotics applied to smart environments
  • Distributed and collaborative computing and reasoning
  • Distributed video surveillance
  • Intuitive user interface design, unobtrusiveness, ease of setup
  • Human interaction with autonomous systems
  • Non-restrictive HCI
  • Assistive technologies, interfaces for special groups
  • Educational interfaces
  • Multimodal interfaces
  • Human action and gesture interpretation
  • Social issues of applications of AmI/SmE
  • Legal Issues in AmI
  • Intelligent handling of privacy, security and trust
  • Technology adoption issues and implications

  • JAISE welcomes submissions of scientific papers, which will be peer-reviewed. These articles should be prepared following the journal's official format and submitted through the official online submission system. Scientific research papers make up the core of the issues of JAISE.

    JAISE also considers less technical and shorter articles for inclusion, which can be useful for the scientific community:

    (a) Short articles reporting on PhD theses recently defended in the technical areas relevant to the journal. Articles in this category are typically expected to be one page long and will contain information like the abstract of the thesis, details of the viva (date, place, members of the examination board) and a photo of the event. This article can be written by the student or by one of the supervisors.

    (b) Opinion articles and letters which can help our community to reflect, discuss or encourage debate and joint work in certain areas.

    Articles in any of these two categories should also be prepared following the journal's official format, but should not be submitted through the official submissions webpage, but sent directly to either of the co-Editors-in-Chief. These types of papers will not be peer-reviewed. The co-Editors-in-Chief will decide on the inclusion of these articles.

    Published issues till date

  • Volume 1, Issue 1 (January 2009) Inaugural issue: State of the Art in AmI and SmE
  • Volume 1, Issue 2 (April 2009) Thematic issue: Wearable Sensors
  • Volume 1, Issue 3 (July 2009) Thematic Issue: Contribution of Artificial Intelligence to AmI
  • Volume 1, Issue 4 (October 2009): Regular Issue
  • Volume 2, Issue 1 (January 2010) Thematic issue: Computational Modeling of Human-oriented Knowledge in Ambient Intelligence
  • Volume 2, Issue 2 (April 2010): Regular Issue
  • Volume 2, Issue 3 (June 2010): Thematic issue: Smart Homes
  • Volume 2, Issue 3 (July 2010) Thematic Issue: Smart Homes
  • Volume 2, Issue 4 (October 2010): Regular Issue
  • Volume 3, Issue 1 (January 2011) Thematic Issue: Synergetic Prosperity

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