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Editorial Board Cellular Oncology
Donna G. Albertson, USA Calum MacAulay, Canada
Nick Barker, The Netherlands Johan Offerhaus, The Netherlands
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Håvard E. Danielsen, Norway Iver Petersen, Germany
Manel Esteller, Spain Françoise Praz, France
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Editorial Board Analytical Cellular Pathology
Jeroen Beliën, The Netherlands Hong Liu, USA
Rudolph Castellani, USA Calum MacAulay, Canada
Stan Cohen, USA Konradin Metze, Brazil
Christoph Cremer, Germany Bela Molnar, Hungary
Barbara Croft, USA Rodolfo Montironi, Italy
Håvard E. Danielsen, Norway George Perry, USA
Michael Feldman, USA Iver Petersen, Germany
Françoise Giroud, France Mark Smith, USA
Peter Hamilton, United Kingdom Sudhir Srivastava, USA
Parvez Haris, United Kingdom Darren Treanor, United Kingdom
Paulette Herlin, France Max Viergever, The Netherlands
Gian Kayser, Germany 

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Aims and Scope 
Cellular Oncology publishes scientific contributions from various biomedical and clinical disciplines involved in basic and translational cancer research on the cell and tissue level, technical and bioinformatics developments in this area, and clinical applications. This includes a variety of fields like genome technology, micro-arrays and other high-throughput techniques, genomic instability, SNP, DNA methylation, signaling pathways, DNA organization, (sub)microscopic imaging, proteomics, bioinformatics, functional effects of genomics, drug design and development, molecular diagnostics and targeted cancer therapies, genotype–phenotype interactions.

A major goal is to translate the latest developments in these fields from the research laboratory into routine patient management. To this end Cellular Oncology will form a platform of scientific information exchange between molecular biologists and geneticists, technical developers, pathologists, (medical) oncologist and other clinicians involved in the management of cancer patients.

Cellular Oncology publishes original papers, rapid communications, topical reviews, technical notes, special reports and letters.

Analytical Cellular Pathology publishes scientific articles from various disciplines that focus on quantitative aspects of pathology. The emphasis is on the application of physical techniques to the study of cells, tissues, and organs in disease. Pathology initially evolved largely as a qualitative image-based discipline, with some forays into computer-based cytometry and morphometry. More recently, the flourishing of molecular biology has led to a paradigm shift that has changed this approach and rejuvenated our field. The convergence of biomedicine, bioengineering, and sophisticated new tools of mathematical analysis has the potential for yet another revolution towards a more precise and analytic discipline.

Scientists studying fundamental aspects of pathogenesis as well as those interested in translational diagnostic research are increasingly embracing such tools as biomedical photonics, surface resonance phenomena, and impedance tomography, as well as new approaches for ultra-high resolution magnetic resonance. Examples of appropriate articles include those dealing with electromechanical properties of cells utilizing these methodologies as well as multispectral, hyperspectral, and vibrational mode analysis, and a variety of other ways of exploring biophysical manifestations of disease processes. These articles may also be based on computational biology models, but in all cases should be accessible to, and of interest to an audience consisting of pathologists, cell biologists, and biochemists as well as biomedical engineers. In other words, it is the contribution to the study of pathologic processes that should be emphasized rather than methodological details per se.

The overall intent is to focus on the application of physical techniques, not only for the investigation of fundamental issues of pathogenesis but also for translational diagnostic research. These latter should be based on novel concepts, novel methodologies or the novel use of existing methodologies that can lead to enhanced prognosis as well as therapeutic guidance for the fully personalized and tailored medicine of the future.
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