Strength, Fracture and Complexity
An International Journal
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Volume 7; 4 issues
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Aims and Scope 
Fracture has been studied for many, many years, for instance more than hundreds and sixty years at least as far as fatigue is concerned. Still, fracture and the related problems remain unsolved. For instance, although nanostudies and, on the other hand, computational science and mechanics are rapidly developing by the equation explicitly expressed in non-lineary nano, meso and macropscopic terms without containing any hypothetical parameters and with time sequences. These features suggest that fracture may be a phenomenon as complexity system.
Strength, Fracture and Complexity: An International Journal is devoted to solve the strength and fracture unifiedly in non linear and systematised manner as complexity system. An attempt is welcome to challenge to get the clue to a new paradigm or to studies by fusing nano, meso microstructural, continuum and large scaling approach. The concept, theoretical and/or experimental, respectively are/is welcome. On the other hand the presentation of the knowledge-based data for the aims is welcome, being useful for the knowledge-based accumulation. Also, deformation and fracture in geophysics and geotechnology may be another one of interesting subjects, for instance, in relation to earthquake science and engineering. Other future problems in fracture needed to be solved, will be the subject concerned.

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