Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution
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Volume 8; 4 issues
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Prof. V. Subramanian
Jawalharlal Nehru University
Environmental Science

Editorial Board
Prof. Anjeneyalu, Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, Hyderabad, IndiaProf. Saffiullah, Jahingirnager University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Prof. Haight, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United KingdomProf. Samarkhoon, Central Environmental Authority, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Prof. Ittekkot, Center for Tropical Marine Ecology, Bremen, GermanyProf. Saxena, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
Prof. Natarajan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, IndiaDr. Studer, Earth Watch Institute, Boston, MA, USA

Submission of Manuscripts 
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Aims and Scope 
Asia, as a whole region, faces severe stress on water availability, primarily due to high population density. Many regions of the continent face severe problems of water pollution on local as well as regional scale and these have to be tackled with a pan-Asian approach. However, the available literature on the subject is generally based on research done in Europe and North America. Therefore, there is an urgent and strong need for an Asian journal with its focus on the region and wherein the region specific problems are addressed in an intelligent manner. In Asia, besides water, there are several other issues related to environment, such as; global warming and its impact; intense land/use and shifting pattern of agriculture; issues related to fertilizer applications and pesticide residues in soil and water; and solid and liquid waste management particularly in industrial and urban areas. Asia is also a region with intense mining activities whereby serious environmental problems related to land/use, loss of top soil, water pollution and acid mine drainage are faced by various communities. Essentially, Asians are confronted with environmental problems on many fronts. Many pressing issues in the region interlink various aspects of environmental problems faced by population in this densely habited region in the world. Pollution is one such serious issue for many countries since there are many transnational water bodies that spread the pollutants across the entire region. Water, environment and pollution together constitute a three axial problem that all concerned people in the region would like to focus on.
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