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Joseph M. Furman MD, PhD

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Susan Whitney PhD

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Journal of Vestibular Research

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Adolfo Bronstein, MD Michael Schubert, PhD
Helen Cohen, EdD Paul Smith, PhD
Bernard Hess, PhD Jeffrey P. Staab, MD, MS
Izumi Koizuka, MD Yuriko Sugiuchi, MD, PhD
Måns Magnusson, MD, PhD Pierre-Paul Vidal, MD, PhD
Robert H. Schor, PhD 

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Aims and Scope 
The Journal of Vestibular Research is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes experimental and observational studies, review papers, and theoretical papers based on current knowledge of the vestibular system. Subject of the studie scan include experimental animals, normal humans, and humans with vestibular or other related disorders. Study topics can include the following:

  • Neurophysiology of balance, including the vestibular, ocular motor, autonomic, and postural control systems
  • Anatomy of vestibular, vestibulo-ocular, vestibulo-spinal, and vestibulo-autonomic pathways
  • Vestibular-related human performance in various environments
  • Psychophysics of spatial orientation
  • Space and motion sickness
  • Balance disorders
  • Vestibular rehabilitation

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