Vitamins - Autoregulatory Substances - Trace Elements - Growth Factors

IOS Press publishes BioFactors up to volume 34. From volume 35 onwards the journal is published by Wiley.

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Status Report: Last issue (volume 34:4) online on 21 October 2009

Aims and Scope
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F.H. Nielsen, USA S. Watanabe, Japan
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H. Ohigashi, Japan T. Yoshikawa, Japan
T. Osawa, Japan B. Zhao, China
G. Poli, Italy 

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Aims and Scope 
BioFactors is an international journal aimed at identifying and increasing our understanding of the precise biochemical effects and roles of the large number of trace substances that are required by living organisms. These include vitamins and trace elements, as well as growth factors and regulatory substances made by cells themselves. The elucidation, in a particular organism or cell line, of the roles of substances active in trace quantities, is frequently applicable directly to many other forms of life.
In keeping with this unified view of biochemistry, BioFactors publishes articles dealing with the identification of new substances and the elucidation of their functions at the basic biochemical level as well as those revealing novel functions of trace substances already known.
4-34 (Volume 1-3 available at Swets/Zeitlinger)

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