Technology and Health Care
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Volume 19; 6 issues
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Status Report: Last issue (volume 19:3) online on 23 May 2011
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Aims and Scope
Editorial Board
Submission of Manuscripts
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Past Editor in Chief
Prof. A.E. Engin

Editorial Board
B. Asiyanbola, USA A. Liebert, Poland
T. Bajd, Slovenia D. Liepsch, Germany
G. Catapano, Italy P.P. Lunkenheimer, Germany
M. Citak, USA P.J. McCullagh, Ireland
D. Elad, Israel J.-P. Morucci, France
R.J. Green, United Kingdom L. Nolte, Switzerland
J. Guttmann, Germany R. Reilly, Ireland
J. Hammer, Germany A.K. Saxena, Austria
M.L. Knothe Tate, USA C.N. Schizas, Cyprus
D. Koutsouris, Greece J.G. Snedeker, Switzerland
C. Lee, Ireland G.J. Verkerke, The Netherlands

Submission of Manuscripts 
See instructions to authors.
Aims and Scope 
Technology and Health Care is intended to serve as a forum for the presentation of original articles, observing rigorous scientific standards, furthermore reviews, tutorials or discussion papers from the following areas:
  1. Technology development in medicine: New concepts, procedures and devices associated with the use of technology in medical research and clinical practice are presented to a readership with a widespread background in engineering and/or medicine.
  2. Significance of medical technology and informatics for health care: The appropriateness, efficacy and usefulness deriving from the application of engineering methods, devices and informatics in medicine with respect to public health are discussed.
  3. Reviews and tutorials: Tutorial and educational articles for persons with a primarily medical background on principles of engineering with particular significance for biomedical applications and vice versa are presented.
Exemplary general topics within the journal’s scope are:
  1. Medical and Biological Engineering
  2. Bioelectronics, Biomechanics, Biophotonics
  3. Medical imaging, bio-imaging
  4. Surgical technology
  5. Diagnostic and therapeutic methods, monitoring, drug delivery systems, clinical laboratory
  6. Medical physics
  7. Artificial organs, biomaterials
  8. Tissue engineering, bio-inspired materials, molecular and cellular methods
  9. Rehabilitation technology

  10. Medical Information Technology:
  11. Medical and hospital informatics
  12. Telemedicine, e-health and home care methods
  13. Public health
While it is recognized that the foregoing includes a broad range of topics, it is expected that the published material is of significance for the overlapping areas of medicine and engineering.

The journal includes full length scientific papers, survey articles, tutorials (upon invitation), technical notes (of relevance for medicine). Typically, the contributions have a length of 4000 words, thereby taking duly into account figures and tables. They should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief according to the submission procedure outlined on the back cover and are subjected to a peer review.
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The mission the European Society for Engineering and Medicine is to establish a platform of cooperation between medicine and engineering.

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