Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology
Clinical Applications of Diagnosis and Therapeutics

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Aims and Scope
Editorial Board
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Wei R. Chen
University of Central Oklahoma
Department of Engineering and Physics
221 G Howell Hall
Edmond, OK 73034

Advisory Editor-in-Chief
Hong Liu
University of Oklahoma
202 West Boyd Street
Room 219
Norman, OK 73019

Associate Editors
David D. Allred
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Brigham Young University
N265 ESC
Provo, UT 84602

Founding Editor
Larry V. Knight

Editorial Board
R.E. Burge X. Pan
N.M. Ceglio Z.U. Rek
J.I. Chikawa P.D. Rockett
M.J. Cooper E.A. Spiller
J.C. Elliott J. Tian
J. González-Hernández V.V. Tuchin
R.B. Hoover T. Tuomi
J. Kirz J. H. Underwood
G.N. Kulipanov G. Wang
A.N. Mezhevich S. Wilkins

Submission of Manuscripts 
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Aims and Scope 
The Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology is an international journal designed for the diverse community (biomedical, industrial and academic) of users and developers of novel x-ray imaging techniques. The purpose of the journal is to provide clear and full coverage of new developments and applications in the field. Areas such as x-ray microlithography, x-ray astronomy and medical x-ray imaging as well as new technologies arising from fields traditionally considered unrelated to x rays (semiconductor processing, accelerator technology, ionizing and non-ionizing medical diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, etc.) present opportunities for research that can meet new challenges as they arise. Research areas within the scope of the journal include:

Interaction of x-rays with matter: x-ray phenomena, biological effects of radiation, radiation safety and optical constants

X-ray sources: x-rays from synchrotrons, x-ray lasers, plasmas, and other sources, conventional or unconventional

Optical elements: grazing incidence optics, multilayer mirrors, zone plates, gratings, other diffraction optics

Optical instruments: interferometers, spectrometers, microscopes, telescopes, microprobes

Detectors: CCD arrays, position-sensitive detectors, flat panel detectors and display devices, scintillators

Medical Imaging Modalities: Analog and digital radiography, X-ray computed tomography, radionuclide imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, optical and other medical imaging modalities

X-ray imaging techniques and signal processing: coded imaging, tomography, holography, medical image processing and computer aided diagnosis (CAD),

Applications: analytical, nondestructive testing, microelectronics, biological/medical diagnosis and treatment, x-ray astronomy, materials and surface science

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