Disease Markers

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Aims and Scope
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Submission of Manuscripts 
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Aims and Scope 
The journal publishes original research findings (and reviews solicited by the Editor) on the subject of the identification of markers associated with the disease processes whether or not they are an integral part of the pathological lesion. The disease markers may be a genetic host factor predisposing to the disease or the occurrence of cell-surface markers, enzymes or other components, either in altered forms, abnormal concentrations or with abnormal tissue distribution. This journal is designed to provide a forum for publications dealing with original observations in this developing field on any aspect of the general topic including:

  • Identification of new genetic or non-genetic markers (e.g., cell-surface antigens, serum proteins, intra- and extra-cellular enzymes, cytogenic markers and DNA-sequences)
  • Population studies of new and existing markers, designed to elucidate information on their normal distribution as well as that in disease states
  • Amplification of knowledge about existing markers
  • Family studies of markers in disease
  • New techniques for identification and/or isolation of important marker molecules
  • Use of monoclonal antibodies for the definition of molecular structures associated with disease markers
  • Identification of disease-associated abnormalities in DNA using recombinant DNA techniques, gene-cloning and DNA restriction enzyme fragment polymorphisms
  • Identification of markers identifying malignantly transformed neoplastic cells.

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