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Volume 23; issues
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Aims and Scope
Submission of Manuscripts

Submission of Manuscripts 
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Aims and Scope 
The aim of this journal is threefold:
1. To inform the professional world of statisticians, applied economists, social scientists and policy analysts of new work going on within official statistics, international organisations, government departments, universities and research institutions;
2. To establish a forum for critical discussion of the entire range of problems - organizational, methodological, analytical and conceptual - facing statistical services and other institutions doing statistical work;
3. To help promote innovative and interesting research and studies, and contribute to filling the gap between official and academic statisticians, between national statistical work and international work and between the statistical community and the public.

Scope The Journal covers a wide range of statistical areas of international concern, in particular:
1. Statistical co-operation in Europe and North America, in particular statistical work carried out by the United Nations, its European Regional Commission and other international organisations;
2. Organization and operation of statistical services, including, for example, use of electronic data processing; dissemination; general organization; and general methodology;
3. Methodological development and harmonization of economic statistics, social and demographic statistics, environment and related statistics;
4. Conceptual development and frameworks, including the development of indicators for monitoring and benchmarking issues, policies and trends;
5. Measurement issues related to specific topics such as globalization, social development, gender equality and human rights.
Topics covered in the last years:
Human rights, Statistics for social progress, Statistical Confidentiality, Consumer Price Indices, Gender equality indicators, Environmental Statistics, Globalization, Electronic Data Reporting.

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