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Volume 48; 6 issues
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Status Report: Last issue (volume 48:1) online on 20 April 2011
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Aims and Scope
Editorial Board
Submission of Manuscripts

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Founding Editors
A.L. Copley

G.W. Scott Blair

Editorial Associate
Pamela Lilley

Editorial Board
G.R. Cokelet, Bozeman MT , USA. R.G. Owens, Montréal, QC, Canada
S.L. Diamond, Philadelphia PA , USA Z. Priel, Beer-Scheva, Israel
J.M.R.J. Huyghe, Eindhoven, The Netherlands A. Pries, Berlin, Germany
T. Karino, Sapporo, Japan E. Puchelle, Reims, France
M. Lammi, Kuopio, Finland P. Riha, Prague, Czech Republic
D. Lerche, Berlin, Germany G.W. Schmid-Schönbein, La Jolla, CA , USA
M.E. Levenston, Stanford, CA, USA T. Secomb, Tucson, AZ, USA
D. Liepsch, München, Germany J.F. Stoltz, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France
A. Maroudas, Haifa, Israel G.B. Thurston, Austin, TX , USA
H.J. Meiselman, Los Angeles, CA , USA C. Viney, Merced, CA , USA
G. Nash, Birmingham, United Kingdom S. Yedgar, Jenwalem, Israel
H. Niimi, Osaka, Japan C. Zhu, Atlanta, GA, USA
K. Nishinari, North East Wales, United Kingdom; Osaka, Japan; Shanghai, China F.Y. Zhuang, Beijing, China
N. Ohshima, Ibaraki, Japan 

Submission of Manuscripts 
See instructions to authors.
Aims and Scope 
Biorheology is an international interdisciplinary journal that publishes research on the deformation and flow properties of biological systems or materials. It is the aim of the editors and publishers of Biorheology to bring together contributions from those working in various fields of biorheological research from all over the world. Members of the editorial board and the advisory board work in different areas of biorheology in several countries where appreciable research activity in this field is being carried out.

The aim of biorheological research is to determine and characterize the dynamics of physiological processes at all levels of organization. Manuscripts should report original theoretical and/or experimental research promoting the scientific and technological advances in a broad field that ranges from the rheology of macromolecules and macromolecular arrays to cell, tissue and organ rheology. In all these areas, the interrelationships of rheological properties of the systems or materials investigated and their structural and functional aspects are stressed.

The scope of papers solicited by Biorheology extends to systems at different levels of organization that have never been studied before, or, if studied previously, have either never been analyzed in terms of their rheological properties or have not been studied from the point of view of the rheological matching between their structural and functional properties. This biorheological approach applies in particular to molecular studies where changes of physical properties and conformation are investigated without reference to how the process actually takes place, how the forces generated are matched to the properties of the structures and environment concerned, proper time scales, or what structures or strength of structures are required.

Biorheology invites papers in which such 'molecular biorheological' aspects, whether in animal or plant systems, are examined and discussed. While we emphasize the biorheology of physiological function in organs and systems, the biorheology of disease is of equal interest. Biorheological analyses of pathological processes and their clinical implications are encouraged, including basic clinical research on hemodynamics and hemorheology.

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