Health Literacy Month 2020

IOS Press Celebrates Health Literacy Month!

In recognition of Health Literacy Month IOS Press is pleased to offer two landmark works in the field published in the Studies in Health, Technology and Informatics (HTI) series at a 25% discount throughout October and November.

Catch Up on the Latest Theories and Applications in Health Literacy

Editors Robert A. Logan, PhD, and Elliot R. Siegel, PhD, noted experts affiliated with the National Library of Medicine, have assembled contributions from some of the world’s leading authorities in health literacy. The two volumes enumerate and expand our understanding of the multidisciplinary connections that underpin the field of health literacy. This curated content spans health literacy theory and research to clinical practice and public health implications.

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*Special offer expires November 30, 2020. The discount code can be applied to either or both titles for 25% off the price of the print or Ebooks.

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Valerie van den Berg

Health Literacy

Health Literacy in Clinical Practice and Public Health

New Directions in Research, Theory and Practice

New Initiatives and Lessons Learned at the Intersection with other Disciplines

Editors: Robert. A Logan & Elliot R. Siegel Editors: Robert. A Logan & Elliot R. Siegel
Pub. date: October 2017 Pub. date: June 2020
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