Transforming Science and Technology Systems-the Endless Transition?

Meske, W., Mosoni-Fried, J., Etzkowitz, H., Nesvetailov, G.
Pub. date
January 1998
23 of NATO Science Series, V: Science and Technology Policy
ISBN print
Science & Technology Policy, Social Sciences

Political decisions, economic changes and processes of democratisation have lead to the fragmentation of STS in most Central and Eastern European countries. This volume discusses the tasks, problems and opportunities faced in restructuring S&T. The main focus is on changes in industrial R&D – with transition to a market economy, privatisation and international opening, this has proven to be a crucial element in restructuring S&T.

The individual CEE countries are compared with each other and with the centrally organised transformation of S&T in China and Vietnam, and the objectives are contrasted with current trends in NATO countries. Possibilities for restructuring are discussed, as is the potential for political influence – also from EU and NATO countries.

The issue’s topicality, the comparative approach used, and the range of countries considered all result in a book of interest to a wide readership in science, industry and politics in both CEE and NATO countries.