Transdisciplinary Engineering: A Paradigm Shift

Proceedings of the 24th ISPE Inc. International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering, July 10-14, 2017

Chen, C.-H., Trappey, A.C., Peruzzini, M., Stjepandić, J., Wognum, N.
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July 2017
5 of Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering
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Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Manufacturing
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Concurrent Engineering is based on the concept that different phases of a product life cycle should be conducted concurrently and initiated as early as possible within the Product Creation Process (PCP). Its main goal is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the PCP and reduce errors in the later stages, and to incorporate considerations for the full lifecycle, through-life operations, and environmental issues of the product. It has become the substantive basic methodology in many industries, and the initial basic concepts have matured and become the foundation of many new ideas, methodologies, initiatives, approaches and tools.

This book presents the proceedings of the 24th ISPE Inc. International Conference on Transdisciplinary (formerly: Concurrent) Engineering (TE 2017), held in Singapore, in July 2017. The 120 peer-reviewed papers in the book are divided into 16 sections: air transport and traffic operations and management; risk-aware supply chain intelligence; product innovation and marketing management; human factors in design; human engineering; design methods and tools; decision supporting tools and methods; concurrent engineering; knowledge-based engineering; collaborative engineering; engineering for sustainability; service design; digital manufacturing; design automation; artificial intelligence and data analytics; smart systems and the Internet of Things.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of recent advances in transdisciplinary concurrent engineering research and applications, and will be of interest to researchers, design practitioners and educators working in the field.