The Global Studio: Linking Research, Teaching and Learning

Delft University Press
Bohemia, E., Harman, K., Lauche, K.
Pub. date
May 2009
5 of Research in Design Series
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Architecture & Design, Townplanning & Architecture
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The Global Studio is directed to design educators and is intended as a resource for those interested in exploring the potential of the Global Studio for the education of future designers. It is important to stress here, however, that the editors are not suggesting that all design courses should incorporate a global component, nor that all design courses should be conducted along the lines of a design studio. In fact, it is to a recognition of difference that they seek to draw attention. The aim is to generate different ideas and approaches for ‘doing’ design education and ongoing discussion about what counts, and for whom, in relation to curriculum development in design. Another aim is to exemplify various ways of how research, teaching and learning can be linked. An important aspect of The Global Studio is that it provides a rich research site for exploring questions in relation to teaching and learning as well as doing product development in geographically distributed design teams.