Telecommunications and Development in Africa

Kiplagat, B., Werner, M.
Pub. date
January 1994
ISBN print
Computer & Communication Sciences, Telecommunication

This publication views Africa in a global perspective in economic, regulatory and technological terms. The experiences in regulatory development in telecommunications in Europe are important to African respect of the multigovernmental framework in which this is taking place. Arguments are offered for ensuring that Africa keep space with this global technology as the rest of the world is gearing towards multimedia communications and associated productivity gains. Readers: telecommunication researchers and professionals.

'It is a stimulating book, because it shows the strenghts of Africa. ...Any one interested in telecommunications in the context of socio-economic development anywhere will find it essential reading.' - S. Ramani, National Centre for Software Technology, Bombay, India. Software Bulletin, volume 3, no. 2, April 1995, p. 22- 23
'While this book may be directed at engineers, financiers and politicians inside Africa, any reader anywhere in the world will find it captivating.' ITU Newsletter, volume 10, no. 4, 1994, p. 30-31