Technology + Culture = Software

Rocchi, P.
Pub. date
January 2000
ISBN print
Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science
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Today companies face different problems on Software technologies. Difficulties on system design, on programs maintenance, on the cooperation to non experts are example of substantial problems that produces heavy economic losses. On the author's mind they come out the theoretical roots of computer science since today small theories are unable to provide the complete culture the professionals need. The author develops an original mathematical framework and puts under a new light the analysis and programming methodologies. These are not given as facts but are inferred, they are discussed and are critically evaluated. The reader's mind is solicited to reason out the every day problems. This style is the authentic side of the book that comes out a theoretical research conducted for nearly twenty years.

In details the first part of the book gives the theoretical and cultural contents. The second part clarifies the Software technologies. The book is centered on the structured methods and makes mentions even of the object and visual technologies. In short the work aims to be both a textbook and an handbook.