Security and Embedded Systems

Serpanos, D.N., Giladi, R.
Pub. date
January 2006
2 of NATO Security through Science Series - D: Information and Communication Security
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Computer & Communication Sciences
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Technological advances have led to wide deployment and use of embedded systems in
an increasing range of applications, from mobile phones to car, plane and spacecraft
and from digital id’s to military systems in the field. Many of these applications place
significant security requirements and have led to significant research activity in the
area of security and embedded systems, due to the limited resources of conventional
embedded systems. This emerging research area is of great importance to a large number of public and private organizations, due to their desire to deploy secure embedded systems in the field. This publication brings together one of the first international efforts to emphasize the importance of this emerging technical field and provides presentations of leading researchers in the field. Its objectives are to present the technologies and open problems of the emerging area of security and embedded systems, to present the latest research results in all aspects of security in embedded systems, and, finally, to provide a roadmap of the technology for the future. Considering the main directions of research in the field, three main areas are discussed: (i) foundations of security and embedded systems, (ii) secure embedded computing systems and (iii) telecommunications and network services.