Scientific Networking and the Global Health Network Supercourse

Laporte, R., Linkov, F.
Pub. date
July 2006
5 of NATO Security through Science Series - D: Information and Communication Security
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Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science
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Natural and man-made disasters, like floods and eruptions of volcanoes, have tormented mankind since antiquity. Despite all the warning signs, it is certain that when the eruption of Vesuvius started on the morning of 24 August, CE 79, it caught the local population of Pompeii utterly unprepared for the major disaster that ultimately ruined the entire city. What makes our world today different from the population of ancient Pompeii 2,000 years ago, is better abilities to share scientific data about the warning signs of disasters. Modern technologies are giving us an unprecedented opportunity to share disaster preparedness and mitigation information very rapidly and effectively. Technologies such as the Internet, telecommunications, etc., have a great potential to help us prepare for disasters, however, oftentimes scientists are not taking advantage of them. This publication focuses on the importance of the networking of scientists researching the area of natural and man-made disasters, to try to prepare the world better for them in the future.