Quantum Groups and their Applications in Physics

Castellani, L., Wess, J.
Pub. date
January 1996
127 of Proceedings of the International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi"
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This book focuses on quantum groups, i.e., continuous deformations of Lie groups, and their applications in physics. These algebraic structures have been studied in the last decade by a growing number of mathematicians and physicists, and are found to underlie many physical systems of interest. They do provide, in fact, a sort of common algebraic ground for seemingly very different physical problems. As it has happened for supersymmetry, the q-group symmetries are bound to play a vital role in physics, even in fundamental theories like gauge theory or gravity. In fact q-symmetry can be considered itself as a generalization of supersymmetry, evident in the q-commutator formulation. The hope that field theories on q-groups are naturally reguralized begins to appear founded, and opens new perspectives for quantum gravity. The topics covered in this book include: conformal field theories and quantum groups, gauge theories of quantum groups, anyons, differential calculus on quantum groups and non-commutative geometry, poisson algebras, 2-dimensional statistical models, (2+1) quantum gravity, quantum groups and lattice physics, inhomogeneous q-groups, q-Poincaregroup and deformed gravity and gauging of W-algebras.