Promoting the Psychosocial Well Being of Children Following War and Terrorism

Friedman, M.J., Mikus-Kos, A.
Pub. date
November 2005
4 of NATO Security through Science Series - E: Human and Societal Dynamics
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Life & Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences
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This book aims to promote the psychosocial well being of children following war and terrorism. Experts from the former Yugoslavia, Israel, Palestine, NATO countries and elsewhere have contributed chapters detailing conceptual models and practical examples of community-based interventions for children.

Some authors are experienced experts with extensive experience in providing community-based interventions for children during post-war reconstruction. Others have scientific experience conducting either research or program evaluation for such interventions. A third group of participants has experience in both the provision and evaluation of psychosocial services to children. These different perspectives are easy to identify from one chapter to the next and provide a creative tension regarding competing approaches to conceptualizing and implementing the most effective interventions. It is clear that such alternative views are complementary rather than contradictory. The purpose of this book, therefore, is to show how community-based psychosocial approaches can benefit from a thoughtful synthesis of both experiential and empirical strategies that link individual mental health / psychosocial well being with the health and stability of the community.