New Trends in Multimedia and Network Information Systems

Zgrzywa, A., Choroś, K., Siemiński, A.
Pub. date
September 2008
181 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
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Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science
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New Trends in Multimedia and Network Information Systems discusses a very broad scope of subject matters including multimedia systems in their widest sense, web systems and network technologies. This monograph also includes texts devoted to more traditional information systems that draw on the experience of the multimedia and network systems. Each of the discussed research trends is considered from both theoretical and practical viewpoints. Imposing a clear-cut classification for such a diverse research area is not an easy task. The challenge is even greater due to the fact that in this book the focus lies on the most topical research work of scientists from all over the world. The studies are original and were not published anywhere else. The chapters represent the dominant advances in computer information systems and it is worth emphasizing that in most cases the research work relies heavily on the achievements and techniques developed originally in the area of artificial intelligence. As a result, the monograph is divided into four major parts: multimedia information technology; data processing in information systems; information system applications; and web systems and network technologies. Each of these parts covers a couple of chapters on detailed subject fields that comprise the area of its title.