Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces

Hiraki, A.
Pub. date
January 1995
ISBN print

This volume is a collection of papers written by the authors who were selected among the members of a project on ``Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces'' sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Japan (MON-BUSHO).
The M-S Interface is a problem which stems from the 1930's when the concept of surface states was first proposed by Tamm, shortly later by Shockley, and then clearly by Bardeen in 1947 to catalyze the invention of the transistor, and still exists today when one can count almost one billion M-S interfaces or contacts in a Si chip whose size is less than 1 cm square. Consequently, there have been plenty of research activities all over the world, especially over the last 15 years. The ``M-S Interfaces'' project was composed of four research branches to tackle the following subjects to be reported in the book: Theoretical Approaches, Initial Stage of M-S Interface Formation, Interface Structure of M-S Systems, Realization and Control of Contact Characterization, and Novel Characterization Techniques of Buried Interfaces.