Medical and Care Compunetics 1

Bos, L., Laxminarayan, S., Marsh, A.
Pub. date
May 2004
103 of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
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Computer & Communication Sciences, Medical Informatics, Medicine & Health
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Information technology in medicine and healthcare has grown far beyond any expectations. Yet, the impact and effect it has will go even further, especially when you look at the digital divide, security issues and the ‘online information overload’ we are currently experiencing. The 21st century model will need to develop following a paradigm that takes us from the information stage through the knowledge and intelligence stage to the stage of ‘wisdom’. Knowledge and intelligence systems are the key to realizing a healthcare system focusing on the individual within a secure environment. The world we enter is a complex ‘genomic’ world, which will not only increase our research efforts by achieving personalized medicine, but also open up a new gateway for accelerated drug discovery and disease treatments. The uniqueness of this book lies in its contents that bring forth a wide spectrum of areas that deserve global awareness. The issues discussed in the book are looked at from an overall point of view, paying attention to the past, present and future stages of technology and healthcare.