Knowledge-Based Software Engineering

Proceedings of the Eighth Joint Conference on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering

Virvou, M., Nakamura, T.
Pub. date
August 2008
180 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
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Artificial Intelligence, Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science
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The papers in this publication address many topics in the context of knowledge-based software engineering, including new challenges that have arisen in this demanding area of research. Topics in this book are: knowledge-based requirements engineering, domain analysis and modeling; development processes for knowledge-based applications; knowledge acquisition; software tools assisting the development; architectures for knowledge-based systems and shells including intelligent agents; intelligent user interfaces and human-machine interaction; development of multi-modal interfaces; knowledge technologies for semantic web; internet-based interactive applications; knowledge engineering for process management and project management; methodology and tools for knowledge discovery and data mining; knowledge-based methods and tools for testing, verification and validation, maintenance and evolution; decision support methods for software engineering and cognitive systems; knowledge management for business processes, workflows and enterprise modeling; program understanding, programming knowledge, modeling programs and programmers; and software engineering methods for intelligent tutoring systems.