Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XXVI

Thalheim, B., Jaakkola, H., Kiyoki, Y., Yoshida, N.
Pub. date
December 2014
272 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
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Artificial Intelligence
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Within the last three decades, information modelling and knowledge bases have become essential subjects, not only for academic communities related to information systems and computer science, but also for businesses where information technology is applied.

This book presents the proceedings of EJC 2014, the 24th International Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases, held in Kiel, Germany, in June 2014. The main themes of the conference were: conceptual modelling, including modelling and specification languages, domain specific conceptual modelling, and validating and communicating conceptual models; knowledge and information modelling and discovery, including knowledge representation and knowledge management, advanced data mining and analysis methods, as well as information recognition and information modelling; linguistics modelling; cross-cultural communication and social computing; environmental modelling; and multimedia data modelling and systems, which includes modelling multimedia information and knowledge, content-based multimedia data management, content-based multimedia retrieval as well as privacy and context enhancing technologies.

This book will be of interest to all those who wish to keep abreast of new developments in the field of information modelling and knowledge bases.