Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XXI

Welzer Družovec, T., Jaakkola, H., Kiyoki, Y., Tokuda, T., Yoshida, N.
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February 2010
206 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
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Artificial Intelligence, Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science
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Information modelling and knowledge bases have become crucially important subjects in the last few decades. They continue to be increasingly relevant, not only in academic communities, but in every area of commerce and society where information technology is applied.

This book consists of selected, upgraded papers, originally presented at the 19th European-Japanese Conference on information modelling and knowledge bases (EJC 2009). Drawing together researchers and practitioners from the field, EJC conferences aim to advance research into, and the application of, information modelling and knowledge bases.

These selected papers address many aspects of information modelling, such as: theory of concepts, database semantics, knowledge representation, software engineering, www information management, multimedia information retrieval, ontological technology image databases, temporal and spatial databases, document data management and process management, and many more.

This book, covering such a wide range of topics and applications, is of interest to all those whose work involves the application of information technology.