High-rise housing in Europe

Current trends and future prospects

Delft University Press
Turkington, R., Van Kempen, R., Wassenberg, F.
Pub. date
January 2004
28 of Housing and Urban Policy Studies
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"Worth reading for housing and urban researchers and practioners who need a quick zi tabe d'horizon on the subject. Especially the comparative approach is the real asset of the book."
- Pascal De Decker, European Journal of Housing Policy
"One would be hard pressed to find another study of any housing subject with so much useful and comparative information in one place."
- David J. Edelman, Regional Studies
Whilst every country has its own house-building traditions, there is only one truly European housing type. In the generation after the Second World War, countries throughout Europe built high-rise housing in the public sector as the ‘modern’ response to acute housing shortage.
North and south, east and west, similar dreams were shared in different political cultures, high-rise was as an expression of the new Europe. A generation later, products which shared similar starting points have reached very different positions. This book attempts to tell the story of high-rise housing in 15 European countries, from first thoughts to current realities and finally to future prospects. What is clear is that, irrespective of its status and quality, high-rise housing is here to stay. No country is in a position to ignore this legacy of the post-war and mass housing period. We have to be equipped to assess the contribution of high-rise housing and to determine its future – this book is a major contribution to developing this perspective.