Future of Health Technology

Bushko, R.G.
Pub. date
March 2002
80 of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
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Medical Informatics, Medicine & Health
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Health technology becomes the center of healthcare systems strategic planning process. Developing a clear vision of the future of health technology and smart investment in technology are the critical success factors. Healthcare Executives need to develop a vision of future health technology to lead effectively in the 21st century.

Future of Health Technology helps to develop this clear vision of the future and it assists in smart planning of investments in health technology for those involved in setting health systems strategy for the 21st century. Future of Health Technology provides and inspiring and comprehensive vision of the future of health technology by looking at the ways to advance (1) medical technologies, (2) health information infrastructure, and (3) intellectual leadership. It also explores new technology creation and adoption process including the impact of rapidly evolving technologies.

People discover and respond to the future as much as they plan it. Health systems with the clear vision of future technology will win.