Expanding the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies

Cunningham, P., Cunningham, M.
Pub. date
October 2007
hardcover (set of two)
4 of Information and Communication Technologies and the Knowledge Economy
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Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science
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Commercializing and exploiting applied Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) research results is critical in reducing the global Digital Divide and building a sustainable Knowledge Economy. A major challenge for leveraging ICT around the world is taking account of local and regional differences. This requires meaningful cross-border communication between researchers, government and industry, as well as strategic dialogues in relation to regulation and policy. While it is clear that the Digital Divide can be challenging in Europe and the Americas, clearly there are greater difficulties to be overcome in Asia and Africa. That acknowledged, it is often striking how once basic infrastructure and regulatory issues have been addressed and how learning from the experiences of others can enhance the impact of leveraging ICT. This book brings together a comprehensive collection of over 210 in ten broad thematic areas. These are: ICT for Networked Enterprise; e-Government and e-Democracy; eHealth, Collaborative Working Environments; Networked, Smart and Virtual Organizations; SME Issues; Technology Enhanced Learning and ICT Skills; Security and Identity Management; and Mobility and Digital Content. Papers within each thematic area are grouped as Issues, Applications and Case Studies, reflecting their primary focus.