Dynamic European Maritime Clusters

Delft University Press
Wijnolst, N.
Pub. date
September 2006
30 of Dutch Maritime Network Series
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Marine Technology
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Europe is a maritime superpower as its maritime sectors are leading in terms of market shares, innovative technology and global operations. However, European maritime industries are often fragmented, not only geographically, but also in terms of sectors and company size. In order to face the increasing global competition, in particular from the Far East, Europe should address these constraints and create a more integrated network and market of all the European maritime sectors, industries and entrepreneurs: not so much to defend its position, but most of all to take advantage of the abundant growth opportunities in global markets. To achieve this, actions at various levels will be necessary. First of all the entrepreneurs should strengthen their (innovation) networks, create more economy of scale, either through cooperation with SME’s or through consolidation, nationally and within Europe. The many maritime sectors should be strongly organised in clusters on national levels and on European levels. Strengthening the maritime clusters from within, as well as at the economic policy level are important enablers to address the competitive challenges.