Developments in e-Government

A Critical Analysis

Griffin, D., Trevorrow, P., Halpin, E.
Pub. date
March 2007
13 of Innovation and the Public Sector
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Information Sciences, Public Administration
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This publication sets out to provide a more critical evaluation of developments in e-government. The analytical tools, frameworks and theoretical perspectives employed by the contributors should enable students and practitioners to analyze and critique local, national and global progress in undertaking technology-enabled change in the processes of government.
The scope of the book includes the area traditionally associated with e-government, i.e. service delivery by various levels of government. In addition, it examines the emerging area of e-democracy, in which technology is being utilized to provide a digital presence for the democratic processes of government. The book is a synthesis of theoretical contributions and empirical investigations. The contributors have been assembled from across the European Union and beyond to present empirical evidence from studies undertaken in a number of different countries. The knowledge gained from the implementation of e-government on an international scale, at the national and local level, should provide a useful reference point for policy makers and academics that are steering and evaluating future developments in e-government.