Definition of Behavior in Object-Oriented Databases by View Integration

Preuner, G.
Pub. date
January 1999
53 of Dissertations in Database and Information Systems
ISBN print
Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science

The design of database schemas by view integration comprises two phases: First, potential future users define their views on the proposed database. Second, these views are collected and integrated.

This book is concerned with using view integration for the definition of behavior in object-oriented databases, particularly with integration of object life-cycles, which show the overall behavior of objects during their lifetime. It presents a method to define object life-cycles and interfaces for activities in the conceptual schema based on the users' view schemas. This method particularly deals with the question how to resolve heterogeneities between view schemas that are caused by the different knowledge of the modelers about the behavior of objects and the different possibilities to represent comparable information.

The object life-cycles used in this book are based on a notation similar to Petri nets and thus are suitable for the representation of business processes, which show how business objects evolve during processing.