Security in the Information Age

Carvalho, F.D., Mateus Da Silva, E.
Pub. date
June 2006
4 of NATO Security through Science Series - D: Information and Communication Security
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Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science
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Today the Internet is entering a new stage which will have a much stronger impact on the daily lives of all kinds of organizations. The next communication paradigm offers an improved access to mobility information, offering people and all organizations that deal with mobile devices the ability to access information whenever and wherever necessary. We really are at the edge of a new technological revolution, based on the ubiquity of information through the use of mobile devices and telecommunications. Furthermore, historical tendencies lead us to believe that the impact both on people and on organizations of this technological wave will be both faster and more powerful than any previous one. To the individual, information ubiquity results in the necessity to have immediate access to information. The strategic tactic and operational impact in organizations will therefore be incomparably deeper than in previous organizational management change using technology such as total quality management or business process re-engineering. This book acknowledges that it is crucial to find new organisational security approaches in the context of increasing dependency on the new technological wave which is building an information, communication and knowledge society.

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