Cooperative Systems Design

Scenario-Based Design of Collaborative Systems

Darses, F., Dieng, R., Simone, C., Zacklad, M.
Pub. date
May 2004
107 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
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Artificial Intelligence, Computer & Communication Sciences
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This publication focuses on the following subjects; understanding and modeling of collaborative work situations which are mediated by technical artefacts, either computational or not; developing appropriate design methodologies for cooperative work analysis and cooperative systems design; developing new technologies supporting cooperation; evaluating and measuring the performance of cooperative systems. The COOP conferences are predicated on the conviction that cooperative systems design requires a deep understanding of the cooperative work of groups and organizations, involving both artefacts and social practices. This is the reason why contributions from all disciplines related to the field of cooperative systems design are considered as relevant, including computer and information sciences (computer-supported cooperative work, group decision support systems, knowledge engineering, human-computer interaction, distributed artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems, etc.) and social sciences (organizational and management sciences, sociology, psychology, ergonomics, linguistics, etc.). This volume puts a special emphasis on the issue of Scenario-Based Design of Collaborative Systems. It discusses issues such as scenarios as means for understanding how computer systems might enhance cooperation and scenarios as a common language between users, developers and management