Computational Intelligence and Bioengineering

Essays in Memory of Antonina Starita

Masulli, F., Micheli, A., Sperduti, A.
Pub. date
June 2009
196 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
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Computer & Communication Sciences
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This book is divided in the three main areas where Professor Antonina Starita was most active in the last period of her research activity: clustering and learning applications, biomedical applications, and motor control and evaluation.

The part on clustering and learning applications opens with a contribution concerning the clustering of short-text corpora by Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). The second contribution in this part investigates the use of Neural Networks (NN), and specifically of

Recurrent NN, to interpret brain images obtained by functional Magnetic Resonance

Imaging (fMRI). The first part of the book is closed by a contribution on the System for Paleographic Inspections (SPI) software suite.

The second part of this book is devoted to contributions in the medical and biological areas. This part contributes to the definition of automatic, efficient and effective computational tools for addressing problems in these areas, with a focus on computational intelligent methods and techniques as well as more traditional Artificial Intelligence tools, such as expert systems.

The third part of the book covers the topic motor control and evaluation. Motor control was studied in the context of robotics, while motor evaluation was studied for medical applications.