Comprehensive Approach as “Sine Qua Non” for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Čaleta, D., Radović, V.
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January 2015
39 of NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - D: Information and Communication Security
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Computer Security, Security & Terrorism
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The world in which we live is becoming ever more complex, both from the viewpoint of ensuring security, and also because of our level of dependence on technology, as represented by so-called critical infrastructure. Despite the efforts of national security entities in the national and international context, terrorist attacks will probably never be completely preventable. This makes it necessary to prepare the functioning of our systems for the occurrence of a terrorist attack so that they will operate quickly and effectively even in this type of crisis.

This book presents the papers delivered at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop: Managing Terrorism Threats to Critical Infrastructure – Challenges for South Eastern Europe, held in Belgrade, Serbia in May 2014. The book is divided into five sections: strategic environment and critical infrastructure protection; information security and counterterrorism considerations; terrorist threats to critical infrastructure operation – environmental aspects; energy security as a key factor of critical infrastructure protection; and national approaches to critical infrastructure protection. The book highlights the main dilemmas and challenges of managing terrorist threats in the region of South Eastern Europe, and will be of interest to all those whose work involves protecting critical infrastructure from the threat of terrorist attack.